It’s nice to be nice


We all know that special feeling you get when someone pays you a compliment. You blush a little, smile, and look down at the floor or maybe do a little hair flip and say those powerful words: thank you.

Now, for hundreds of people at Northview, that feeling comes a little more often thanks to the twitter page “Northview Anonymous.”

Whoever initiated the wave of anonymous kind words by creating the account should be extremely proud of him or herself. The sheer creativity, warmth, and kindness has inspired thousands of NV students to think better and do better; it is amazing. I have never seen or experienced a sense of such loyalty and community than what has happened because of this account. One word to describe it? Inclusion.

When NV students and teachers see a compliment with our name in it, we feel included. We feel like we belong. We feel like NV is a place where we can be ourselves. We feel appreciated. Those feelings are special, to say the least, and we are important.

While scrolling through the entire page of NV Anonymous, I could not help but feel like this was the start to something better- a revolution. The compliments began on technology, but I think they should expand to the real world too. Only cyber-bullies hide behind a screen; those who give out compliments should not have to. Speaking kind words should not be an action we are ashamed of, and we should embrace the desire to make someone’s day. The fact that the account is anonymous helps students and teachers express themselves without feeling judged, which is brilliant in itself.

In an ideal world, however, compliments like those posted on Twitter would happen everyday face-to-face. I believe that ideal world is something we can all aspire to create.

Mother Teresa preached, “Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Northview Anonymous has embodied every truth within that statement and has furthered the idea of a NV family. The account has begun a new wave of how we use technology, which is remarkable. For me, I just want to say thank you to the creator. You are kind and inspiring and you deserve all the compliments in the world.  The Northview anonymous page has made kind words even easier to speak at NV, and I am hoping the impact of what we are experiencing is endless. It is an amazing start to an even better world and I could not be more proud to call myself a Wildcat.