Looking for things to do for winter break?

Natalie Pfahl, Features Editor

When winter rolls around and the snow piles up outside, you may think it’s the perfect time to sit at home and do nothing. Now, as relaxing as that may sound, there are so many different activities you could be doing while taking advantage of the free time you have at home. 

The first thing you can do is bake. Try out some new recipes or come up with some of your own. Experiment with different combinations and you may find your new favorite food.

Something that is easy and super fun to do is go sledding. Invite some friends, find a huge hill, enjoy sliding down it as fast as you can. While you are outside sledding, you can build some snowmen, catch snowflakes on your tongue and if there is a frozen pond or lake nearby, ice skate.

Being stuck at home also means it is the perfect time to start projects or household activities you’ve been meaning to do. Now is the perfect time to start painting that wall or building that desk.

If you don’t like being alone, you can host a party for you and your friends. Having a white elephant or secret santa gift exchange is a super fun way to get all your friends together and spread the holiday cheer.

If the snow really just isn’t for you, this would be the perfect time for you to take a fun vacation away from all the snow and cold to a warm place with a fabulous beach. Rather than taking a vacation somewhere warm during the summer, going during the winter means a year round summer for you. 

There are so many different fun activities and projects you can start or finish during this time. It can also be the time to try new hobbies that you might end up enjoying a lot and is also the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.