Class Olympics comes back Full Swing

Kiera Lang, Staff Writer

This year there were a bunch of activities and fun games to do for the Northview Class Olympics. With coming back from a Covid year last year and no Class Olympics the year before, the staff and students were excited to have this event totally back in swing. 

“I’m super excited for Class Olympics because I picked an event with some of my friends and our class has never really experienced a Class Olympics and it was a lot better than last year.” 

There were multiple things that you could choose from, like hide and seek, board games, escape room, and basketball games.

 Last year there was only 30 minutes taken out of the day for Class Olympics, but this year it was two hours. It consisted of an opening ceremony, the individual events that you chose, and there was also a lip syncing battle at the end. 

“ My favorite part of class olympics was the lip syncing battles because it was the most interesting and I was with all my friends,” sophomore Logan Seyer said.

 The students had a lot more fun this year, with having more time and more activities to choose from than previous years. The teachers put a lot of effort and thought into the Class Olympics this year, and enjoyed doing it.

  “Class Olympics is a great event! It takes a lot of work and coordination, but seeing students have fun makes it all worth it” Mrs. Seifert said. The juniors ended up winning the class olympics and were in the lead before class olympics too.