Senior class “travels the world” at Prom


Alexander Passero, Copy Editor

The class of 2022 has had their senior year culminate in this year’s Prom, held at the Pinnacle in Maumee. 

“I think they liked the idea of having the option of an outdoor area,” senior class adviser Amy Schloegl said. Due to the thunderstorms that occurred earlier in the day, the downtown promenade was canceled. 

“It was really unfortunate, but you can’t control the weather,” Mrs. Schloegl said. Regardless of this cancellation, attendees still enjoyed the night of their high school lives. 

“It’s awesome; it’s great,” seniors Jack Cannon, Lan Tran, Kate Lavalette, Gavin Losey, AJ Michaelson, and Sammi Briggs said in chorus. Prom began with dinner being served. 

“It was very good, even though I thought it would be really bad,” freshman Samantha Joelson said. Some enjoyed the ambiance. 

“Very good music, lots of energy here, and the food was delicious; it needs more yeet,” senior Lan Tran said. Others enjoyed the social experience.

“I’m having a great time with my best friend, Izzy Irwin, and I recommend it to anybody else,” senior class president Mackenzie Morgan said. Another person enjoyed a rather unconventional aspect of Prom: looking at maps of Wisconsin.

“My favorite part of Prom was looking at Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin,” senior Brady Gaynor said. “On my phone,” sophomore Macy Roberts continued.

After doors closed at 11:00 PM, there were still four hours of a travel-themed After Prom to be enjoyed. After Prom, organized by parents at the Tam-O-Shanter, ran from midnight to 4:00 AM, with food, inflatables, and even gambling with a raffle. “I think it was a good idea,” senior Erika Kazmaier said. Towards the end of After Prom, raffle winners were announced, and a free-for-all taking of prizes ensued. “Christian Westphal got $125 in Amazon gift cards,” Joelson said. After 4:00, students were free to drive home after nine hours of celebration. “We went to bed, and I was awake for 22 hours,” senior Elise Beaud said.