Trick-or-Treating in High School?

Kiera Lang, Staff Writer

According to a poll of 33 of our Northview students, most of them did not go Trick or Treating this year. “I went Trick or Treating because it is fun, and even if people say it’s for ‘children’ I say there is no age limit for fun,” freshman Jana Amro said. 

A lot of people seemed to recognize that there were less Trick or Treaters this year, most NV students think the cause of this could either be because of COVID, or because kids think it’s not cool anymore.

 “I feel like parents are restricting kids from going out as much to Trick or Treat because of COVID,” junior Kylee Perry said. While most people did think COVID was the reason for less Trick or Treaters, some others thought that kids may have thought it isn’t cool anymore or not the trend.

Is there an age limit for Trick or Treating? According to the poll, 54% of say yes there is an age limit, but other students think there is no age limit for going out and having fun. 

“I think that if you’re still a teeneager it’s fine, but obviously if you are 40 years old you should not be going Trick or Treating,” sophomore Morgan Woodward said.

Is Trick or Treating or passing out candy more liked now? Of the NV students polled, 41% said they would rather be Trick or Treating than passing out candy. So in fact there seemed to be less Trick or Treaters this year, but a lot of NV students did end up going.