Joggin 4 Joughin

The tragedy of what happened to nineteen year old Sierah Joughin will never be forgotten from our community. Every day it will be remembered but on October 2 there was a special remembrance for her.  

Sierah was riding her bike when she was kidnapped and sadly killed by a violent offender in their neighborhood. As well as remembering the bright spirit that was Sierah it was also raising awareness for making sure that not just sex offenders are registered, violent offenders should be as well.

A three mile race was held for all who wished to support Sierah’s friends and family it took place at Evergreen High School. You would sign up online. About 1,000 people participated and you were allowed to either walk, run, or ride your bike through the course.

Before the race begun the participants gathered together and ate healthy snacks that were provided. Music played, people mingled, and you could also go and receive your shirt if you ordered one when you signed up.

As well as it being fun before you started exercising Sierah’s mom, Sheila Vaculik, gave a moving speech to kick off the runners and walkers reminding them why they were there and what they were doing this for. “The best part of the race was seeing the whole Evergreen community and people from all over come together to celebrate the life of Sierah and all of the life she has brought to the world. It was powerful to watch everyone put their lives aside to support her family and friends” junior at Notre Dame Lauren Myers said. Myers was friends with Sierah and the family.

All of the proceeds that were made went to the Sierah Joughin Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The race was a symbol for always being prepared when you are out there no matter where you are there are people who might try to hurt you, this race encouraged you to be ready. After you finished there was a self defense class that was free of charge for anybody who wished to attend.

We as a community have learned from this tragic experience and wish the best to her family and everyone she touched.

Emily Nowak, Staffer Writer