NV students make regional orchestra

As the orchestra prepares for another great year full of musical successes, orchestral students had the opportunity to audition for OMEA Northwest Regional Orchestra, one of the toughest high school orchestra audition for the year.

This year, 15 students auditioned from both the Concert Orchestra and the Chamber orchestra. “The turn in date came up faster than the tempo of the piece itself, but it was worth the challenge though. I feel like it’s gonna be a great experience to meet other mature musicians from the region,” freshman Daniel Lee said.

Students had to play two scales and one excerpt from the music played that are extremely challenging for high school musicians.

Within less than a month, the students had to upload their audition pieces online to a website by recording themselves, usually resulting in multiple takes before the ideal one is chosen.

“I practiced my excerpt two months prior to the audition deadline. Although the piece was relatively easier than last year for the cellos, the competition for the top chairs was as tough, if not more so, than my previous year,” sophomore Erika Chen said.

There are 15 musicians who had the honor of representing NV at the Northwest Regional Orchestra, with three string musicians going to All-States.

Those musicians are senior Starr Jiang, sophomore Adam Murphy, and freshman Daniel Lee.

Rehearsal will be held at Perrysburg High School, starting November 4.

Karen Pan, Staff Writer