Walk to Defeat ALS

The Walk to Defeat ALS was held at Savage Arena, the University of Toledo’s basketball arena, October 4.

Former math teacher Melissa Belcher took part in the event. Mrs. Belcher was diagnosed with the deadly disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). She remained at NV for as long as she could, but eventually retired when her symptoms got too strenuous, according to math teacher Christina Comparato.

Although she receives money for her disability, the cost of having someone take care of her daily is much more expensive. In addition to her care, she has to take care of her two children.

The community around her is very supportive as shown by teachers who provide meals, fundraisers that are held on her behalf, and others who help with her daily needs. Teachers such as Mrs. Comparato go to her house once a week to help out in any way possible.

Mrs. Belcher put a team together called Team M4M to participate in the walk. Supporters were able to purchase a T-shirt personally designed by Mrs. Belcher.

The T-shirt cost was $10 and had the word ALS and the quote “Always Living Strong” on the front. On the back of the shirt Mrs. Belcher put the quote that she lives by everyday, “Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me, God is already there”.

The entire walk was free, but the participants raised money or made donations to help find a cure for ALS. The main goal of the walk was to raise awareness of the disease, according to Ms. Comparato.

Each team that participated in the walk took a picture together and then started the walk. They walked for about two miles around campus.

After the walk, participants socialized, ate snacks, took more pictures and did more fundraising. Everyone could stay for as long as they wanted after the walk was over.

“I really think that the walk had a positive effect on everyone that participated. It increased ALS awareness among a lot of new people, which was ultimately the main goal of the event,” Mrs. Comparato said.

Jake Mossing, News Editor