Seniors attend breakfast


Something we all have in common is our love for food. On May 14, NV seniors had their annual Senior Breakfast. The class began their Thursday morning by meeting in the Cafeteria and wearing the college apparel of the school they will be attending next year.

The Senior Breakfast is something the class does every year to come together with their friends, eat breakfast, listen to some news about events to come, receive Leis from anyone who sent them, and most importantly receive their caps and gowns for graduation.

“As the new girl this year, I really enjoyed having breakfast with my friends, and still at the end of the year getting to meet people in my class that I have not met yet. It was also really cool to see what schools everyone will attend next year,” senior Christine Kamel said.

For the breakfast the seniors got to indulge on some delicious Barry’s Bagels, donut holes, and some fresh fruit. This was a great way to start the morning, and kick off the ending to all of the senior activities that will follow. At the breakfast the class was informed of Prom information, and events to come. One of the important topics of information was class fees. Seniors cannot graduate, receive their yard sign, and many other things, so if you have not received your yard sign, you probably have not paid that class fee yet and need to.

– Sydney Audet, Staff Writer