Celebrating Early in 2020

Celebrating Early in 2020

Ella Lockshin, Features & Graphics Editor

With the pandemic, wildfires, election, and so many more crazy events in 2020, the world is ready for some holiday cheer. Usually, most families tend to wait until the end of November or beginning of December to celebrate. But this year, we all began earlier and I couldn’t be happier. The joy brought from the holiday season is unlike any other, and I for one needed the joy this year. 

Families began putting lights up outside of their homes very early in the fall. Usually, there is a debate on whether or not to hang up lights before Thanksgiving. But this year, no one seemed to mind. 

The holidays bring me a sense of warmth. Watching holiday movies, making Christmas treats, and setting out to find the ones I love… something they’ll love. Since we are all inside so much, I have been online shopping to buy my friends and family gifts. I love giving gifts and this year I started Christmas shopping back in October. 

I decided at the beginning of November it was time to transform my room for the winter. I bought Christmas candles, pillows, and set up my mini tree. My mom decided to do the house shortly after and now our home is a winter wonderland. 

With school being online and stores beginning to close, nothing makes me happier than waking up in my festive room in my decorated house.

I think that everyone was ready to begin celebrating early this year too. Decorations were being placed in stores in the beginning of the fall. Holiday sales online began earlier, and overall the talk of Christmas seemed to be around us from the very start of the fall.

Overall, this year we as a nation decided to celebrate the holidays early. I think that was the perfect way to bring some positivity into this wild year.