Day of Caring


Josie Umfleet

A group of Northview students decided to take some time to give back to the community. April 5 Student Council put on a Day of Caring for their members to participate in.
“Day of caring was a really cool experience and made me proud to be a part of Student Council. I loved getting to go out in the community and help others,” junior Grace Donaldson said.

About 40 Students left school after fourth period and went to either The Ronald McDonald House, Camp Miakonda, Kingston Care Center, or Sunshine Creating Community.

Students at The Ronald McDonald House helped around the home by sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and doing other housekeeping tasks. They also got to help out with a kids craft at the home.

Students sent to Camp Miakonda worked mostly with outside maintenance. They did things such as raking leaves left from the winter and collecting stray branches.

At Kingston Care Center, STUCO members assisted the residents living there with anything they needed. They also did nice things for the residents like painting nails and talking with them. Finally, at Sunshine Creating Community, a home for those with disabilities, students got to clean around the facility and interact with the residents by playing fun games with them.

“It was a great opportunity to go out and represent Northview in front of our community. It’s important to give back, since Sylvania as a whole does so much for us,” junior Daniel Klein said.

Senior Collin Maple also made a recap of the event that people can check out on the Student Council twitter page. Student Council enjoyed putting on this event and hopes to continue it in the future.