Battle at the Border

Trevor Aston

The clock is winding down to the Ohio State and Michigan game on November 24. The Game is less than three weeks away.

There is a lot of talk about how Michigan actually has a solid chance of beating Ohio State this year. However, I really hope this doesn’t happen, not only because I don’t like that team up North, but because: What if Ohio State and Michigan went to the College Football Playoff? It would be interesting right?

At the moment, there is a pretty good chance that could happen. If Ohio State beats Michigan, both teams would have one loss. Ohio State would probably win the BIG 10 Championship game due to the fact that the BIG 10 West is a weak division, and Ohio State would probably be playing Northwestern.

That would mean that Alabama and Clemson are automatically in if they win out, leaving just two teams left. If Notre Dame loses, they won’t go to the playoff because they don’t have a conference championship game.

Last year, Alabama and Georgia went to the College Football Playoff. That was the first time ever where two teams from the same conference went to the College Football Playoff, so it can definitely happen.

With Ohio State and Michigan being the biggest rivalry in college football, and arguably the biggest rivalry in all of sport, if Ohio State beats Michigan and both teams have one loss, the College Football Playoff Committee could definitely select both teams to enter the playoff. I think the College Football Playoff Committee would like to see that too.

Imagine this rivalry taking place in the National Championship game if they both win their semifinal games. It would probably be the most exciting game in the history of college football. It would probably set a record amount of viewers and spark talk all over the country.

I know I would already be rooting for Ohio State in The Game anyway, but I’m also rooting for that team up North in their games that aren’t against Ohio State, because I would love to see college football’s most historic rivalry in the National Championship game.