National History Day

A sophomore won their second straight state championship? Yep, you just read that right, sophomore Cecile Schreidah competed at the National History Day state competition and placed first in her event for the second year in a row.

National History Day is a contest where there is a theme and competitors pick an historical topic based on the theme and compete in various categories such as websites, documentaries, exhibits, papers, and performances. They can be done in either a group or individual setting and Schreidah chose to do her project individually.

This year’s theme was conflict and compromise. Because of this, Shreidah chose to talk about Cesar Chavez because he really influenced today’s food and farm working industry, but he’s not well talked about.

She competed in the performance category utilizing her acting skills from Speech and Debate to dominate her presentation. After the performance, she went through an interview session for a final round of evaluation.

The top two people from every category go to Nationals and since Schreidah did just that, she will be competing in Nationals June 10-14 at the University of Maryland.

“I’m really excited to get to compete at Nationals, but I also feel really lucky too since everyone was really good,” Schreidah said.

-Erin Chambers