Band seniors honored at halftime

During the home football game on October 18, the football players were not the only ones in the spotlight.

At halftime, all seniors in the Marching Band were recognized for their participation and dedication for their performance throughout their high school years.

The band has a combined total of 43 seniors, including the Majorettes and the Flag Corps.

Once halftime hit, all of the seniors assembled on the football field and were accompanied by their parents as well.

Each member’s name was announced, as were the names of their parents.

“The experience has been incredible. Band has been the single most fun thing I’ve done in high school and I have met so many fantastic people,” senior David DiManna said.

“It was really cool to be in front of everyone and be recognized specifically.”

When each senior’s name was called out, the students received a single yellow rose and a boutonniere as well.

“We got this bag that said ‘congratulations, you reached the grand finale.’ It was also our last home game, which was a bittersweet bonus,” senior Ellyn Haviland said. “Even though I’m excited about being a senior, it was sad since it was our last home game.”

After senior night ended, the rest of the band came back on the field and scripted cats. This means that they actually spelled out the word “cats” in cursive, by assembling in their positions on the field.

“Script cats looked excellent. This year’s script was one of the better ones than scripts from past years,” Band Director Nathan Heath said.

During practices, drills were put together first, and then the band members were coordinated on the field and learned the drills along with music.

Script Cats has been a NV tradition for 50 years and everything went exactly as planned, according to Heath.

“They did a good job. It’s always bittersweet to have the senior do their last home game,” Mr. Heath said. “They’re moving on to successful futures, but it is their last time to be with the NV band at a home game.”

Megan McLean, Staff Writer