Student Council bonds at Camp


Even though school is out for the summer, some students are still seeing their fellow classmates and teachers. From June 10 through June 12 students from grades 10-12 were invited to a STUCO, Student Council, leadership retreat at Camp Storer in Michigan.

While at camp, students worked together to solve problems with team building activities, smart thinking, and teamwork. The retreat wasn’t  just team building, students also did activities like tye-dying and minute to win it games. To learn more about teamwork students did fun activities, like a low ropes course where students had to think of different ways to fix a problem, according to adviser Tami Blue. Along with team building, the students also signed up for committees on next year’s Student Government. These committees included: spirit, assembly, powder puff/kiss and senior goodbye, philanthropy, advertisement and Turnabout.

After deciding what committees students wanted to be in committee heads were picked. Once voting was over and heads were chosen, the groups worked together to plan activities for their committee.

After students worked together in their committees, students planned the first two spirit assemblies of the 2015-2016 school year. Also, new activities were picked to improve events that go on around the school.

On the last day of the retreat, STUCO officers were chosen, the students that were voted were Marissa Ragland for Sergeant of Arms, Blake Oates for Treasurer, Erika Chen for Secretary, Mollee Williamson for Vice President, and Maddisen McGranahan as President.

Student Government made the change to Student Council, but mostly in name. “We have always been a member of the National Association of Student Councils. While updating our constitution we realized the name change to Student Government was superficial and perhaps going back to Student Council would help with the Class Government and Student Government confusion,” Mrs. Blue said.

Chloe RomineFeatures Editor