Students, staff lend a helping hand for back to school clean up


Clean up, clean up, ‘cause we like to do our share.

On August 12, student volunteers and staff members joined together to prepare for the new school year with a clean up. Clean-Up Day took place from 9 a.m. to noon and featured the Northview Pride Committee. Unfortunately, only two students contributed to help, leaving some of the jobs left to the staff. Teachers Phil Smith, Don Wachowiak, Amy Langendonk, Jon Monheim, Karen Francis, Kathryn Nelson, and committee leader Andy Roth all gave their time for the clean up.

“With everyone there this morning it made the work fun and easy,” Mr. Roth said.

This day was full of tasks such as: laying down mulch, weeding the courtyard flower beds, pruning the plants and pulling the weeds in the courtyards. Due to the weather, the volunteers were delayed on power washing and painting the concrete around the trees, however they were still able to plant a few flowers and pull out the hostas in the English Courtyard.

“It’s a baby step; we’ve been doing a lot to make the school look better. We are planning to put flat screen TVs in the cafeteria by the fall, panels above the lockers with inspirational quotes, and repaint the seats of the football stadium since we will be no longer sharing with Southview,” Principal Steve Swaggerty said.

With the school’s new decorations and clean atmosphere, it will be ready for its students to come in for Wildcat Welcome Day on August 13 and 14 and August 22 for the first day of school.

– Allie Hartnett, News Editor