A little snow, rain leads to a lot of flood


Northview had to buckle up its life jacket with school flooding, February 20.

With continuous days of snow then a torrential downpour NV had water come into the building.

Water was in the Pub, Orchestra and Art rooms as well as E-hall, according to Principal Steve Swaggerty.

“With snow blocking the gutters and then having the rain the water had nowhere to go,” Mr. Swaggerty said. “The only way the water could drain was by going into any cracks or available space which led the water into the building.”

The Pub and room E-6 experienced flooding.

“It was out of the ordinary and not something I would expect in the school,” sophomore Jane Woodbury said. “I had to help move desks and Ms. Huey moved wires so we wouldn’t get electrocuted.”

Everyone lent a helping hand from chemistry teacher Andy Roth to some students to Mr. Swaggerty to every custodian in the building. People used shop vacs, large squeegees, and the floor polishing zamboni to move the water out of the classrooms and hallways.

Art teacher Ryan Creech experienced some of the worst flooding.

A 10-12 foot snow pile from the parking lot was shoved in front of the art room external door. There is a drain outside of the door that wasn’t working properly due to all the snow in addition to the warm weather and the rain. The door was also not air tight, according to Mr. Creech.

“Water was in the kiln room, half of my room and even went into Mrs. Seal-Roth’s room,” Mr. Creech said. “We had to unplug the kilns and wheels and had shop vacs cleaning up the water.”

With the flood starting sixth period, Mr. Creech’s classes had to move to a room across the hall and next door for the rest of the day.

“I felt like we may have needed to build an ark but in the end we just had to go with the flow,” Mr. Creech said.

Kaelynn Knestrick News Editor