Girls play annual Powderpuff game


One of the most popularly celebrated traditions at Northview has come to a close once again. On October 29, the senior Powderpuff team took home the victory, defeating the junior team with an ending score of 42-35. Part of the points came from a collection of the most cans for the food drive, a tradition continued from last year.

Whichever team brought the most canned goods before halftime won a free touchdown at the beginning of the second half. The seniors were able to win the canned good collection, which won them an additional seven points.

Practices started October 9, and were held every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:40 to 3:40 p.m. for three weeks.

These practices consisted mainly of seven on seven, or offense versus defense, according to Senior Head Coach Will Weddington.

The head coaches for the Senior Powderpuff team were Wil Weddington and Eben Corron, along with assistant coaches Nicholas Bartlett, Dominik Konik, Gabe Rioux, Skylar Gilbert and cheerleader Austin Micham.

All the drills and practicing before the big game paid off, according to Corron.

“Based on the practices I knew we would perform well on the field because everyone was so close knit,” Corron said. “We came together as a family and it ultimately made the difference in us winning.”

Although the juniors played really well, some of the coaches felt that they gave up too soon, according to Junior Coach Jake Montz.

“We had a really good game, but our defense just gave up too many points,” Montz said.

Junior Kelsey Omey scored four times and junior Lili Fatemi scored once, with seniors Cassidy Ghesquiere and Marissa Milliron making touchdowns for their team as well.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, both junior and senior players appeared to have a lot of fun, according to senior player Alysha Welch.

“I felt victorious. I thought it started off rocky, but as soon as we got it started we kept up the momentum. The game was extremely fun, our team had so much energy and enthusiasm,” Welch said. “We worked so hard to win and we did.”

According to junior Kendall Jessing she was also happy to play.

“It was really fun for everyone who participated and I can’t wait to do it next year,” Jessing said.

Along with Powderpuff, last week was also Spirit Week. On Monday, students wore country-themed clothes. Tuesday, students either had the choice to wear pink to represent the juniors, or blue for the seniors. Wednesday consisted of wearing a favorite jersey, while Thursday was either a haunted Homecoming shirt or a costume. Finally on Friday, the school wore camouflage for the NV vs. Southview game.

Megan McClean, Staff Writer