What Grinds Our Gears About Testing

The state of Ohio has many state tests that all students take at some time during their high school career. With the importance of all the tests bearing down on students, we found some things that simply didn’t work for us during the recent standardized tests and ACTs at NV. These include…

  1. Tapping feet or squeaky desks
  2. People talking in the hallways
  3. Pencils not sharpening or a bad sharpener in the classroom
  4. Not being told about the halfway point, only being told when we had 5 minutes left
  5. Mechanical pencils aren’t allowed – even if they’re #2 lead (ACT)
  6. How long it takes to get the results
  7. Time to material ratio, some people had trouble finishing each section (ACT)
  8. Some students may feel they were not given enough time to prep in their math, science, and English classes
  9. Taking Algebra 2 junior year, but all the math focused on Algebra 1 and Geometry (ACT)
  10. Some teachers may have been distracting with conversations or busy work for their classes like cutting paper or writing loudly

– Zoey Napierala