Pep Assembly

The first pep assembly of the new year was a hit with students of all grade levels. Many events were held in the assembly including the announcement of the winner of the penny war.

For weeks students collected money to put towards pieing one of their teachers in the face. Whichever teacher had the most money put in their jar would be the “winner” of the penny war and be pied at the assembly.

John Eckhart, Paula Werner, Andy Roth, and Meredith Diehl were the teachers that volunteered to participate in the penny war. In the end, math teacher Mr. Eckhart “won” the penny war and had the reluctant honor of being pied at the assembly. Junior Danny Draheim was chosen to pie Eckhart in front of the school. “It always took me so long to figure out the cosine inverse of negative one… I finally realized, it was pie,” said Draheim.

After a performance from the Dance team, the next event was a blindfolded makeup challenge. Four girls and four guys volunteered to participate in this event. After the girls were blindfolded, they were given a few minutes to give the guys a total makeover. Junior Hussein Hawamdeh was voted for having the best and most outrageous makeover at the end of the challenge.“It was really fun and really weird because I didn’t know what to expect. At the same time, it was an experience that everyone should try during high school,” Hawamdeh said.

Various representatives from sports and activity teams (such as SciOly) came forward to participate in a “Snowman dress up relay.” They were given supplies and had to skooter them down to the other side of the gym, where another member of their team was standing to be dressed as a snowman. In the end, The Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball team won.

The final event of the day was a pie eating/gum blowing contest. One representative from each grade level was chosen to represent their grade. Each student had to eat enough pie to find the gum ball in the middle. The first one to find the gum and blow a bubble was the winner. The freshmen won this event.

“The assembly was full of exciting surprises. The events were really fun and hilarious to watch,” freshman Liz Mertens said.

Katie Mertens, News Editor