Zoology dissects animals

In Mrs. Wadas’s Zoology class students have the opportunity to make dissections on specimen based on the units or topics that are covered in class. Some examples of specimen include a frog, a snake, a worm, a cricket, and a jellyfish. When the students learned about aquatic animals they also got to dissect a dogfish shark.

“The dissection was something I was unsure about because a dogfish shark is a bigger animal than what we normally dissect. Overall, it was a great learning experience because you get to identify the body parts and discover exactly what the internal organs look like such as the lungs and heart,” senior Melissa Green said.

With the dissections, students are able to discover and learn from doing rather than trying to envision everything in their head from just a textbook according to Wadas.

Most recently the students are learning about the species of birds and are dissecting a pigeon.

“What I found most interesting about the pigeon dissection was how the birds store food and learning about how the structure of a feather is a very complex structure in order to help them fly,” Green said.

Staff Writer, Molly Spieldenner