NV Business Tech wins competition


The Business Tech team earned some much-needed money for college on November 13, taking home the win at the seventh annual Junior Achievement Business Challenge at the University of Toledo.

The competition was simple; all the teams had to do was sell a fake product to fake people, and the team making the most sales with the biggest profit won.

What set Northview apart from the other competitors was their commitment to working together, said senior Blake Oates.

“We won because we all worked together as a team and bounced off each other’s ideas to make the best choices in order to be the best company and win,” Oates said.

The team was composed of three students and a coach; seniors Noah Noviski, Marley Wilson, and Blake Oates, along with their coach Steve Ciucci.

Each team used different strategies and techniques to sell their product and the NV team methods were the most effective in the end.

“The competition really wasn’t an individual effort, like some teams were taking it as,” said Oates. “While we all contributed individual ideas, it was really how effectively we used those ideas as a team that led to our win.”

With their team efforts and overall win, each of the students took home $3000 in scholarships, showing that teamwork and effort do pay off in the end.

Emily Stephens, Staffer