NV choir holds workshop


On October 13, Glenberg East High School’s choir stopped by NV for a choir workshop while on a trip from the windy city.

To start off the workshop, the directors introduced students from each choir as they combined with the other students to create one big group. Once the group was mixed, the choirs warmed up with some stretching and vocal techniques. Each director taught different vocal warm ups, which was a great way for each choir to learn new techniques. NV choir learned a technique which included bouncing up and down or lunging while singing specific notes. Meanwhile, Glenberg choir learned “bimbos,” a vocal technique that helps with tone and blending, according to junior Rachel Lambdon.

“It was very interesting how we warmed up every part of our body…every part. Doing lunges and jumping up and down made me feel like I was in gym rather than choir. Even though it was a little odd, it was a good experience and fun to sing with a chicago choir,“ Lambdon said.

After warmups, Glenberg East choir introduced a few songs they had been working on and invited NV’s choir to sing along. While singing, Jeremey Davis, NV’s choir director, was able to give helpful tips to improve vowels and pitch for each piece of music, according to junior Jared Freeman.

“The songs were fun to sing. I really enjoyed getting to sing along with the choir along with learning the story behind each piece, ” Freeman said.

Students from each school were overall able to apply the vocal techniques that were learned for future songs, according to Freeman.

Claire Weber, Staffer