Teachers play charity softball match to raise money for Victory Center

Team Roth beat Team Lefevre in a tight game October 3 that included some intense softball as well as some fun like this ball soaked in liquid nitrogen that exploded on contact by Band Director Nathan Heath. More »

Seniors win Powder Puff

The Senior girls high five to start the annual Seniors vs Juniors game - an intense rivalry with no shortage of fierce fun. More »

Team Jive for the win

This year saw a new winner for the third year of danceGOLD. After two years of winning Team Cha Cha saw Team Jive take the top spot in the NHS sponsored charity event. More »

Les Miserables sells out

Performing to packed crowds and even selling some out the musical was intense, being one of the few in NV\'s history to be without speaking and only singing. More »

Welcome to the new Willy the Wildcat!

Willy the Wildcat retired after 22 years of service January 13 at the fill er up game night for both Boys\' and Girls\' Basketball games. But don\'t worry, a new Willy was introduced. More »

Northview’s S4 satellite team was able to receive data and successfully depart 6,021 feet from the ground

More »


Carnegie Hall Experience

When you hear the news that you are going to play at one of the most well known and prestigious music halls of the nation, it doesn’t exactly hit you until the you see tall buildings and people stopping at

Lady Gaga Performance

Thirty year-old popstar Lady Gaga performed at halftime of the the 51st annual Super Bowl football game. More than 100 million viewers tuned in for Gaga’s performance. The halftime show was filled with acrobatics, dancing, and creative staging arrangements.  Lady

Dance Team Regionals

High school dance teams from all around northwest Ohio competed at Regionals February 12 at Northview. “Glad we got to dance in our house,” freshman Jenna Storey said. There were three different categories Hip Hop, Jazz, and Pom. The dance

Pep Assembly

The first pep assembly of the new year was a hit with students of all grade levels. Many events were held in the assembly including the announcement of the winner of the penny war. For weeks students collected money to

NASA SL Team Prepares for Launch

The NASA Student Launch team has been working very hard since September to ensure that their All Terrain Recovery System (ATRS) works perfectly for their competition in April. The ATRS will be used to secure a rocket safely on the

Anderson’s Downfall

With 2017 off to an interesting start, many people may be hoping for a great start to a brand new year. A year of “second chances”, resolutions, and a new, fresh take on what’s in store. However, for many Toledoans,


This past week has been all about scheduling, and thinking about your future not just for juniors but for sophomores as well. As third quarter continues on we get closer and closer to the end of the school year, counselors

NHS Induction

The National Honor Society is one of the most prestigious groups of students not only in Northview, but across the country. The organization began in 1921 and students in it have been demonstrating the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and

Ultimate Frisbee on the Hill

Every Friday after school, students gather at the bottom of the hill to participate in a game of ultimate frisbee. As long as the weather permits, the games usually last an hour. “We always have a blast,” senior Chase Mercer

North Covers

The Orchestra has expanded their reach to modern popular music this year. Director Pam Thiel created a new group called the North Covers. This group would stray away from the traditional classical music normally found in an orchestra, and instead