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Seven Game Sevens

The Seven Greatest Game Sevens   There is nothing in sports like the seventh game of a series, absolutely nothing to compare with two baseball, basketball, or hockey teams, exhausted from six previous tilts, battling it out and giving everything

Public Schools v.s. Private School Sports

If you follow high school sports at all, you probably know that there is a large difference between public schools and private schools. Due to different rules regarding recruiting, private schools dominate many high school sports and repeatedly win state

Dance Team Regionals

High school dance teams from all around northwest Ohio competed at Regionals February 12 at Northview. “Glad we got to dance in our house,” freshman Jenna Storey said. There were three different categories Hip Hop, Jazz, and Pom. The dance

World Series goes to nail biting game 7

After a long 162-game grind and two nail-biting playoff series victories, two teams stood alone in Major League Baseball on the eve of the 112th World Series. Those teams happened to be the two most tortured franchises in baseball history.

Football Preview/ Early Weeks Review

Are you ready for some football? The collegiate and professional football seasons are officially underway! Beginning on August 27th and on September 8th, respectively, the NCAA and NFL have already provided several memorable moments, even as their seasons are just

Med Tech competes at HOSA

Med tech is a class that can be taken by Northview and Southview students at NV to see if they are interested in going into a medical profession. During the year students practice medical skills and learn about different job

SV Construction builds deck for Sylvania resident

Southview Construction Tech. teacher Bob Johnson has had the senior construction class working on various projects inside the shop all year long. Last year as juniors they built a fence for a local Sylvania neighbor. This year as seniors, they

Students start study groups

A meeting was held during SSR on February 4 in the PAC with the goal of launching a new Study Group program at Northview. The meeting was run by Principal Steven Swaggerty and sophomore Erika Chen. Over 50 students from

Where do Sylvanians go for Spring Break?

Where do Sylvanians go for Spring Break? Is it Florida, Sylvania, a cruise or an exotic adventure? The Northview choir is going to New York City to sing at a local church and enjoy dinner cruises as well as all

Students participate in AMC Math Contest

Recently high school math students were given a challenge that many chose to take on and conquer: the AMC Math Contest. The math contest takes place every year, and is always available for students to participate in, if they are