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Carnegie Hall Experience

When you hear the news that you are going to play at one of the most well known and prestigious music halls of the nation, it doesn’t exactly hit you until the you see tall buildings and people stopping at

Testing tips for AP exams

The season for AP testing has arrived. Beginning May 5, NV students started taking AP tests. The tests run through May 22, and the exams for U.S. History, English Language and Compostion, and Spanish Language were moved back to later

Current Events for Dummies: The Government Shutdown

Everyone has probably heard about the recent government shutdown, whether on the news, Twitter, or in social studies class. However, there is definitely some confusion circulating about what having a “shutdown” actually means. WHAT HAPPENED Republicans and Democrats in Congress

Where are they now: Stephanie Smith 2013 grad

WHERE: The Pennsylvania State University; University Park, PA WHAT: Majorette Team HOW: “I practiced weeks in advance to prepare for the audition that was held in the spring. The audition was just one day long and consisted of learning two

Where are they now: Emily Fuller 2013 grad

WHERE: University of Kentucky; Lexington, Kentucky WHAT: Dance Team HOW: “I practiced tricks and technique before the three day tryout in May. The tryout included performing three dances, trick tryouts, and an interview.” BEST EXPERIENCE: “My best experience at UK