Monthly Archives: November 2013

Girls play annual Powderpuff game

One of the most popularly celebrated traditions at Northview has come to a close once again. On October 29, the senior Powderpuff team took home the victory, defeating the junior team with an ending score of 42-35. Part of the

HR activities have students singing a different tune

D.J. Molasses and his groovy beats surprised homerooms on October 18 with a game called “Name That Tune.” The object of the game was for the class to work together to name the songs and artists played over the PA.

Force equals mousetrap times acceleration

Look out Stuart Little–here come the physics classes. Physics students recently completed their annual mousetrap car project. Led by physics teacher Jon Engel, students were given three weeks to complete the assignment of building a mobile contraption using a Victor

NHS blossoms into annual poinsettia sale

Looking for a present for that special someone? Or maybe you want to get a present for your mom? The National Honors Society’s annual Poinsettia Fund Raising Sale can give you a hand. All members in NHS are selling poinsettias

Co-exist mixes it up

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, the same phrase goes hand in hand when meeting new people. If you believe everyone is equal and you want to be accepting of everyone, then

NV seniors get to the root of the voting process

  Learn about the voting process, get paid and be excused from school for a whole day? This is what the senior AP Government students were allowed to do on Election Day, which is today. Any AP Government student who

Med Tech switches from Operation to Candy Land

It’s that time of year again: senior students from Medical Technology started selling candy throughout Northview and Southview. The students started selling on October 16 and did so until October 30. The money that the seniors raise funds their trips

Walk of Light shines on bullying

The shuffle of feet could be heard in the gymnasium on the evening of October 17; the feet of people who planned to “stomp out” bullying in honor of Red Ribbon Week. Sylvania community members of all ages gathered for

I column as I see ’em by Rachel Bules

Early decision. Scholars and Honors programs. FAFSA. Matriculation. Preferred admission. Demonstrated need. Merit-based grant. These might words might be just a few of the confusing vocabulary thrown at you during your college application process. As the oldest child in my

Design it your way, design it my way

Before the class of 2014’s senior year had even begun, there was drama. It actually all started at the end of their junior year over their senior class t-shirts…yes, t-shirts, a piece of clothing. The class of 2014 chose an